Muse Hotel

The Muse Hotel New York

The Muse Hotel in midtown is the ultimate fusion of a dog-friendly environment and posh upscale glamour.  Not only does the hotel welcome pets of all kinds, but they actually pride themselves in all of the upscale pet services and amenities  […]

Element Hotel

The Element Hotel

As residents of New York, midtown is not our favorite area of the city, by far.  The chaos that surrounds the Times Square area usually keeps us far away. On the other hand, though, midtown is extremely convenient, as every […]

Feeling Halloweeney

Feeling a Little Halloweeney

We are getting into a bit of a Halloween mood today, and getting ready for tomorrow’s Grand Opening Launch Party and Halloween Pet Fashion Show at Ruby & Jack’s Doggy Shack! Will you be attending? Check out the info on our […]

Han Nari

Hannari MG

Flatiron has a new store that’s keeping its canines very well dressed. It’s called Hannari & MG, and its full of frivolous items that we can’t resist. Unlike many pet boutiques that stock their shelves with necessary items, foods, and […]

This Week on Instagram

We reached 100 Instagram followers this week! Since Minnie in Manhattan is so new, this shows how quickly we are growing. We got a lot of love this week, so we’ve compiled some of the most popular pictures here. Thanks […]

Mad Dog & Beans

Mad Dog & Beans

Historic Stone Street is one of the greatest areas in the city to enjoy an outdoor meal and a few drinks. The old cobblestone style street is completely closed off to traffic and is filled with outdoor seating for all […]

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