Fur Welcome Here

Whether we like to admit it or not, there are times when we find ourselves in the local supermarket accompanied by our four-legged friends feeling less than welcome- and there aren’t many feelings we hate more. Whether things started out as an innocent walk with our better half which then turned into an errand-running session, or we knew straight up what we were doing and just did it anyway for the sheer sake of company, our dogs roll with us and that’s how we like it. That’s why Minnie in Manhattan strives to tell you all about places us humans love in the city where our furry friends are welcome with a smile. And yes, that means we endure plenty of awkward stares and rejections on that mission to find perfect places that please us just as much as our fur babies.  We firmly believe that there is a difference between simply turning a blind eye to the fact our four-legged friend is present, and having us actually feel that your day was made better by us gracing you with our presence.

Minnie in Manhattan is new, so this list is currently short. But it’s growing, so keep checking back in.

Sephora Union Square- view post

P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson- view post

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