New clothes and toys

New clothes and toys from

Have you guys shopped on for pet stuff yet? If not, you really should check it out. We know it seems like we’ve been rambling about our new stuff (we already showed you what we ordered here), but we […]

minnie in manhattan winter picnic

Winter picnic and preppy clothes

They’re forecasting another deep freeze for the city this coming week, so we decided to make the most of Monday’s chilly but tolerable weather. Since we know that once the colder weather comes around we will all be in hibernation […]

Minnie excited for her BarkBox

Our January Barkbox

It’s safe to say that the most exciting day of the month for Minnie is the day her BarkBox arrives. Once she catches wind that her box came in the mail, she can’t leave it alone until it’s opened. This […]

Bowser Beer

Bowser Beer

Minnie’s been on sort of a binge lately, (have you seen her new favorite toy?) but we have to say we’re finding it pretty cute.  This time Minnie got her hands on some Bowser Beer- which is really a beefy, […]

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