New clothes and toys

New clothes and toys from

Have you guys shopped on for pet stuff yet? If not, you really should check it out. We know it seems like we’ve been rambling about our new stuff (we already showed you what we ordered here), but we […]

Snowy weekend wearing winter pet apparel

It wouldn’t stop snowing last weekend! We took these pictures on Saturday and Minnie made sure we didn’t stay out long at all. She looked adorable with snowflakes falling on her whiskers and eyelashes, but they eventually melted and she […]

Sweater weather Minnie in Manhattan

Sweater Weather – pet fashion

We hope you guys are all hanging in there with this freezing weather, we’ve been dreaming of sunshine to get us through! Minnie loves wearing sweaters – she pretty much always has one on. They keep her cozy and safe. […]

minnie in manhattan winter picnic

Winter picnic and preppy clothes

They’re forecasting another deep freeze for the city this coming week, so we decided to make the most of Monday’s chilly but tolerable weather. Since we know that once the colder weather comes around we will all be in hibernation […]

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