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The most common question I get from people is how I do my eyelashes. I have a thing for lashes, because when they look long and thick, you don’t need any other makeup. Mascara is the one thing I never skip in my morning routine, and there are 4 products I use religiously to ensure that my natural lashes stay healthy and thick.

I stay far away from lash extensions. I’ve never gotten them done because I’ve heard horror stories of the damage they’ve caused for people. I have friends who are certified aestheticians at salons who have warned me about the side effects of lash extensions. Your natural lashes fall out over time and it takes a while for them to grow back. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how clean and expensive the place is, a lot of people get eye infections.

That said, I have always used products that enhance my natural lashes. I’ve been using these products for several years, and when used  together consistently, there is a huge improvement lash health, thickness and length. The name of each product is linked so you can click to buy.

  1. Primer – Diorshow Maximizer 3D: I swear by using primer before applying mascara. The primer gives your lashes an extra layer of thickness and helps you save mascara, which is often a more expensive product. There are a few things about this Dior primer I really love. Firstly, it lasts literally forever. I usually replace at least 4 mascaras before I need to buy a new tube of this primer. This one in particular is also a conditioning serum, which fortifies the thickness and curl of your natural lashes. Mascara can sometimes be drying and pull out natural lashes, and this primer provides an excellent barrier to protect as well as enhance. When you use primer under your mascara, you don’t need to waste mascara by coating multiple layers to build volume.
  2. Mascara – YSL BabydollThis is my holy grail mascara and has been for years. I’ve tried every mascara out there, and still try new ones quite often, but no mascara ever compares to this one. I’ve also tried the other YSL variation called Shocking, but felt that it didn’t grab and define my lashes like the babydoll does. This mascara has a fine plastic brush that doesn’t look impressive at first glance. When I first pulled out the brush, I thought it was going to be the worst mascara I’ve ever used because I was used to mascaras with thick fluffy brushes, and thought that’s what worked best. This brush packs such a powerful punch. It grabs onto every single individual lash and defines and lengthens it, making your lashes look insane. Also, I love that it’s not waterproof because I hate when mascara is too hard to get off. I’m all about being as gentle as possible with your natural lashes. Application tip –  (this applies to the both the primer and the mascara) – when applying, start with your upper lashes, and (this will probably feel wrong at first but trust me) go from above your lashes and brush down first, coating the top of your lashes. Do a few strokes to ensure that the top of your lashes are fully coated with no clumps. Don’t let them dry this way, immediately go from below the lashes and swipe up as you typically would apply mascara, coating now the bottom/front of the lashes. This method of coating the lashes from both sides ensures that you’re getting the most volume, length and curl. Really get the brush in there at the base of the lashes and let the brush work to make its way through the hairs to really pull them up for the beat effect.
  3. Liquid Eyeliner – Physician’s Formula Eye Booster: This is a drug store product that I honestly swear by. This eyeliner claims to improve the length and volume of your lashes, and I swear to you it works amazingly well. In fact, there have been so many times when I stopped using this liner in favor of other more expensive trendy ones, and within a few days I always notice that my lashes don’t look as good. When I apply this liner, I only use it on my upper lid, but I first line the underside of my lashes, along the waterline of my upper lid, as well as right above my lashes where you’d typically apply liner. Then I continue to extend the liner as I would any other. It’s important to make sure that the liner is applied to the base of the lashes for it to work its magic. It pretty much instantly perks up your lashes (no idea how) and the effect builds and gets better over time after continued use. I use this liner every day, mainly for the lash boosting effects, so as a result I’ve become a daily liquid liner wearer but I don’t mind it! It comes in a soft black color as well as an ultra-black. Both look really nice but I prefer the boldness of the ultra.
  4. Growth Serum – Rodan + Fields Lash Boost: This is a product that I started using about a year ago, so it’s the most recent addition to my lash regimen. However, I quickly noticed a difference in lash length + volume and it’s been working well with continued use. I apply this serum every night after showering and washing my face. It’s a clear liquid that is applied with a fine brush along the upper lash line. I kind of go crazy and use a lot of it, but you really don’t have to. I’m not going to lie, the day after my first application, I got more than one compliment on my lashes from people who see my every day. So there was definitely noticeable improvement since day 1. I started using this product by the recommendation of my friend who is a rep for Rodan + Fields. She had even used it on her brows to improve growth. I’m linking this product to her Rodan + Fields store page, and if you make a purchase through the link in this post, she’ll throw in some free goodies with the shipment.

Note – I am not working with any of the brands listed above, nor have I been incentivized to promote any of these products. I am always getting questions about my lashes, and I just thought that a blog post dedicated to my regimen was long overdue!

I’d love to know if you start using any of these products and how they work for you. Leave me a comment here and I’ll check back and respond to all of you 😽


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