Monthly Must-Haves: June

Monthly Must-Haves June | Downtown Native

It seemed like we were all getting really concerned that the weather was never going to warm up this year, and then literally overnight it was 90 degrees. I’m not complaining, I do love summer weather (although I definitely prefer the perfect non-humid 75 degree everyday weather in Cali over the NYC heat!).

Anyway, June’s must-haves are a collection of perfect summer essentials. Aside from the backpack and the bikini which are on my wishlist, all of the items I included here have already found their way into my closet!

Sabah shoes: I can’t explain enough how everyone should own a pair of these. Handmade in Turkey of the highest quality materials by a few skilled cobblers, these shoes become insanely soft and keep getting better as you wear them.

Flat-lens sunnies: I posted photos wearing these Ray Bans recently, and I still love them.  They come in a few colors, but my favorite is the Copper Flash which have a very rosy hue.

Backpack: During the summer I take a lot of weekend trips that always involve me carrying some extra clothes plus Minnie, so backpacks are the way to go.  This light suede Saint Laurent one is so perfect, I love fringe in the summer and I always look for a new bag that isn’t black once warmer weather comes.

Maxi dress: This strappy backless maxi dress is everything. The blue colors are perfect for this season and it’s so flattering. The only thing is that it’s really long so I definitely need to get it hemmed before I can wear it.

Bikini: I know that Triangl bikinis have been a thing for years already, and we’re kind of over the initial excitement around absolutely needing to have these suits. Howeverrr, their new floral print is so cool. I love how bright it is, and the contrast between the colors.

Fragrance: I love the fragrances from Replica, they’re generally unisex and ted to be light and refreshing. Beach Walk is amazing. It’s everything you’d want it to be. It’s hard to explain the scent, you need to smell it for yourself. I can just say it smells exactly like a day at the beach 🙂

Snapback: Hats are so fun to wear in the summer. Putting on a new hat totally changes an outfit. The snapback pictured above is one I got for myself because the floral pattern is perfect for warm weather. I chose LA because I love LA and Cali, not because of the baseball team haha. I don’t follow baseball much, so I don’t really  care to walk around with a NY Mets or Yankee hat on. But this hat does come in other floral patterns/colors and teams.


What do you think?