All Black

All Black | Downtown Native

All Black | Downtown Native

All Black | Downtown Native 1

All Black | Downtown Native 4

NYC hasn’t seen a drop of sun for an entire week. It’s been cloudy, overcast, cold and rainy. I’m literally so over it and all I want to wear is black. I actually don’t even feel like getting dressed at all, I would much prefer to lay under my blankets, order Seamless for every meal and watch movies.

But, there’s work to get done, places to go and people to see so there won’t be any slumbering here!

There was one thing that brightened by day this morning, though. It might have been one of the best things that’s happened to me in a while…I was riding the train to work, it was a seemingly typical commute. Then, this older woman gets my attention to tell me that I look like…GIGI HADID.  I was so shocked..people often tell me I look like SJP but never Gigi. I definitely don’t think I look like her at all, it’s probably just my blonde hair that reminded this lady of her but regardless, my confidence level is THROUGH THE FREAKING ROOF today. haha

In the photos above I’m wearing a fringed dress and over-the-knee boots from Zara, hat from J. Crew, sunnies from Illesteva, choker from Vanessa Mooney, bag from Balenciaga.

I’m looking forward to tonight because my friends and I are meeting up for Cinco de Mayo drinks 🙂 Do you guys have plans for Cinco de Mayo?

What do you think?