Brunch in Tribeca – Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

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There are a bunch of factors that go into an awesome NYC brunch: good ambiance, tasty signature cocktails, dishes that are cooked perfectly with a unique spin on traditional. John and I are always looking for awesome brunch spots that we haven’t tried before, and we were happy to find Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs last weekend.

This place is in no way new. We just don’t typically go to Tribeca, despite how close it is to FiDi. I actually love Tribeca, it’s homey with a classier vibe and on the quieter side, but it’s packed with cool restaurants and bars that I’m making a point to check out this summer.

Tiny’s is a 3-story bar and restaurant with a distressed classic style and amazing food. Seriously, their brunch dishes were on point. There’s something for everyone: fresh fruit options, unique veggie dishes, and all-out, throw in the towel, not counting calories today classic brunch meals.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict which were layered with prosciutto and came with a side of tater tots. Really good tater tots. John had the Superfood Pancakes which were so interesting and tasty. There were all types of veggies cooked into something similar to a fritter, served with mixed greens and topped with sunflower seeds. They were filling and satisfying, but not greasy or anything so you don’t feel guilty when you’re finished. We obviously had to complement our dishes with sides of (more) tater tots and bacon, and both were big portions!

Tiny’s is located at 135 W Broadway in Tribeca. My goal is to go back and try everything on their brunch menu, so say hey if you see me there 🙂


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