Monthly Must-Haves: March

Monthly Must-Haves February

Monthly Must-Haves is a new segment that you’ll be seeing on the blog at the beginning of each month. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite products, whether I’ve recently come across them or have been using them for years.

This month, I’m sharing some old favorites as well as some new finds that I’m really excited about!

Shore Projects Watch: These nautical, waterproof watches can be dressed up or down depending on the bands you choose, and they are easily interchangeable. I’ve been loving my Abersoch all-gold watch with the gold mesh band. In the summer, I’ll be switching to a silicone or material band for days by the beach.

Atelier Cologne Collection Azur – Mandarine Glaciale: Since spring is coming, I wanted to share this fragrance. It’s one of my favorites because of its light citrus energizing scent that I never get tired of.

IvyRevel Larissa Dress: This dress is everything for the upcoming warmer months. I have my eye on it and will be buying soon!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar: I know that this stuff has been around for a while, but I recently gave it a try and it’s been great to my skin. It moisturizes all day, isn’t heavy on my skin at all, and sits well under makeup.

Day Designer: It’s still early enough in the year to set yourself up for success. I swear by the Day Designer. It has space for me to keep all of my to-do’s clear, and encourages goal-setting and tracking.

Wonderwoof pet activity tracker: How cool is it that we can finally get our pets in on the benefits of wearing a fitness tracker? This device helps to ensure that your pets are getting the exercise they should!

Buddy Belts harness and leash: I’ve gone through an endless number of harnesses and leashes with Minnie, but after buying this authentic leather set, I haven’t tried anything else. Minnie has a brown set but I really like this neutral light pink shade for spring. The soft leather is gentle against Minnie’s skin even after a full day of running around.

Spot Farms dog treats: These treats are actually human-grade and healthy for dogs. I received a package of the pork bacon and a package of the turkey meatball recipe with cranberries, and I couldn’t believe that the treats looked and smelled like meat I would actually cook for Minnie. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or fillers added, which is a great benefit. The meat that’s used in the treats is from U.S. family farms without antibiotics.

PL360 Grooming: Minnie has sensitive skin and allergies that sometimes cause flare-ups and hot spots. This Itch Relief Shampoo has a gentle chamomile scent and really helps Minnie’s skin to relax. It also makes her hair soo soft. Formulated with plant-based ingredients without harmful chemicals like parabens, soap or alcohols, it’s super gentle. The mandarin scented Grooming Wipes are great in a pinch and really help when I take Minnie out and don’t feel like giving her a full bath.

What do you think?