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BluePrintCleanse | Minnie in ManhattanBluePrintCleanse | Minnie in Manhattan

BluePrint Cleanse | Minnie in Manhattan

With the holiday season behind me, I wanted to detox my body from all the pasta, sweets and wine I had consumed over the past couple of months which left my skin a mess and my body craving bad foods. I partnered with BluePrint for a 3-day cleanse which totally jump started my energy levels and motivated me to continue hitting my fitness goals past the January hump where most people let go of their resolutions.

I’m excited to bring you guys a limited-time exclusive promo code so you can get a jump start too. Use the code PICKMEUP at checkout to get 25% off any 3-day cleanse 🙂

This code is only valid through this Friday, January 29th, so be sure to check out all the BluePrint cleanses here, choose the one that best fits you, and get drinking!

I went with the Foundation cleanse, which I thought was perfect for me with just the right amount of green juice, a spicy lemonade mid-day to keep my metabolism going, and a delicious cashew milk at the end of the day to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Since I go to the gym at least 4x a week, I did eat solid foods during my cleanse to make sure I had enough strength to challenge myself during my workouts. I probably could have gone without doing this as the cleanse on its own is very satisfying, but I kept my solid foods very healthy and stayed away from dairy, sweets and fats to ensure that I wasn’t negating the positive effects of the cleanse.

Happy juicing!

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