It snowed here in the city this past weekend, so after we went to brunch, John and I took a long walk around the West Village. For some reason, we love being in Washington Square Park when it snows. It’s so pretty and picturesque.

I wore leather panel leggings and a jacket from River Island, blanket scarf from Urban Outfitters, Balenciaga bag and boots from Zara.

For the first time ever, I completely forgot my camera at home so all I have is a Snapchat photo to post! Follow my snapchat @ChristinaaBella for more photos (most of them purely rediculous) and daily updates! 🙂

We may get a big snowstorm again this Friday! It’s not for sure yet, but I know what I’ll be doing if we get a lot of snow (after playing outside of course): staying cozy indoors, watching movies, making hot cocoa and snacks, and playing with one of my Christmas stocking stuffers from John – a cool chess and checkers set 🙂

What do you think?