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Haircut | Minnie in Manhattan

Haircut | Minnie in Manhattan

Haircut | Minnie in Manhattan

Hair Stuff | Minnie in Manhattan

I’ve always had thick, curly hair. Throughout my life, my curls have changed from tight spirals, to loose waves, and then back to tighter curls. I haven’t always treated my hair right, though. I started doing more and more to my hair, hoping to make it more like what I always wanted: sleek, smooth and less curly. I always had those ‘curly q’s’ (little baby hairs that curl like crazy) that framed my face and I was determined to get rid of them.

Several expensive keratin treatments later and daily use of my flat-iron literally had my hair fried. Although it looked nice when it was styled, I knew my hair was missing the health, buoyancy, and natural beautiful curls it once had.

One of the most important people in my journey to getting my healthy hair back is my stylist Ross. He’s literally magic. He teaches me everything I need to know to keep my hair in good shape, and he only recommends products or treatments that truly work. When it comes to cutting hair, his technique is seriously one of a kind. He’s also a master colorist, using only premium products to create gorgeous natural color. You can find Ross here.

Ross’ most recent recommendation after he cut my hair last weekend was to use a simple sea salt spray to create the definition that I want in my curls without using any heat. I really like the natural look it creates and how quick and easy it is to do.

He also showed me the right way to deep condition my hair. I apply a rich moisturizing conditioner in the shower and I don’t rinse it out. For the next hour or so, I’ll keep a warm towel on my hair to make the conditioner really sink in. When I need serious moisture, I’ll wash out the conditioner the next morning. You’d be surprised how well this works!

I’m finally learning to embrace my natural hair, and although I may still be guilty of using my straightener on special occasions, it’s no longer a part of my daily routine.  When I do style my hair with heat, I use the Harry Josh blow drier, iron and brushes. These products are so good that I only spend about a third of the time I would have spent styling my hair, which means much less exposure to heat! They also make my hair seriously shiny. For daily shampoo/conditioner, I’ve been loving the Mermaid Hair products I recently found at Urban Outfitters.



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