Something to Love: Dona Chai

Dona Chai | Minnie in Manhattan

Dona Chai | Minnie in Manhattan

Dona Chai | Minnie in Manhattan

Dona Chai | Minnie in Manhattan

I discovered a new product that I HAVE to share with you. I’m a tea lover, and I definitely prefer tea to coffee. One of my favorites is Chai tea – it packs such huge flavor since it’s commonly made with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves…perfect for the chilly months in NYC and the holiday season ūüôā

One of my go-to drinks at coffee shops is a chai tea latte , either hot or cold (both are amazing).  As much as I love these, I never have time to make them myself!

Enter Dona Chai РA concentrated chai tea that allows me to have my chai fix whenever I want it.  I love supporting local brands, and this one is crafted in Brooklyn.

I am particular about the foods I consume , trying to stay as far away from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, dyes and flavors as possible. I was happy to find that Dona Chai is brewed using loose-leaf black tea, and infused with cinnamon bark, cardamom, vanilla bean, cloves, black peppercorns and¬†cold-pressed ginger (cold-pressed is the best way to extract juice while retaining it’s nutritional benefits and freshness). ¬†Dona Chai is naturally (lightly) sweetened with cane sugar ….now that’s my cup of tea! (sorry, had to do it…)

I was able to make a super quick chai latte by adding a little Dona Chai to a glass of almond milk (I prefer almond milk, but you can definitely use dairy milk or soy also!). I topped my chai tea latte with a little whipped cream and cinnamon. It was perfection! I can¬†imagine Dona Chai being delicious¬†when added to a glass of warm steamed milk, although I haven’t gotten to try this yet.

From a fitness perspective, I also turned my typical vanilla protein powder smoothies into a DREAM by adding a dash of Dona Chai. Literally turned my otherwise bland vanilla smoothies into a tasty chai tea latte. I just used a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a cup of water or milk (your preference) and some Dona Chai. To all my readers who are fitness enthusiasts, you have to try this!

You can learn more about Dona Chai¬†here. ¬†How will you use it? I’m thinking of creating some yummy spiked chai drinks for the holiday season…what do you think??

[This post was sponsored by Dona Chai. The opinions I have written are 100% my own.]

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