Anchor Rain Jacket | Minnie in Manhattan

Rain, rain, rain…I’m over it. Not only has it been drizzling and grey all day, but it’s also freezingggg! Where did my summer weather go? And weather.com is saying rain for this weekend as well…

I’m hoping for some sunshine soon! At least I can stay in and relax tonight because I’m having dinner catered by Stadium – I’ll tell you all about it once I get a chance to take some photos of my food 🙂

As much as I dislike rainy weather, I do like getting to go home, order in, and snuggle with John and Minnie under a big blanket!

Minnie’s rain jacket is from the Salty Paw, one of my favorite NYC pet boutiques. I love the little anchors on it, they’re kind of summery but I don’t mind her wearing it through Fall.

What do you think?