ivy covered | minnie in manhattanManhattan certainly may have its limitations, but in my opinion it’s so beautiful.  John and I often find ourselves on long walks…not only to avoid the subway in the hot weather…but mostly to take in all the character of the city’s different neighborhoods, explore the areas we’re less familiar with, and stumble across a new favorite cafe or store along the way.

We recently went to brunch on the West side and walked home. One of the things I love about Manhattan is that pretty much any street you may find yourself on is full of its own charm and beauty. This time, we stumbled upon a pretty townhouse that was ivy-covered from top to bottom.

John is in Punta Cana this week on a trip, and my sister is sleeping over tonight. We’re planning to hit the gym and then just relax with a movie and snacks. What are you guys up to?

What do you think?