Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshots | Minnie in Manhattan

Sunday Snapshots | Minnie in Manhattan


I recently picked up my new Fujifilm Instax mini 90 camera and I’ve been having a ball playing around with my new toy. Once I got used to the lighting settings, I found this camera really easy and fun to use.  I love the retro feel of the print when it develops, and it’s so fun to make silly faces into the camera or put sunnies on Minnie and take ridiculous photos. When I’m behind my DSLR I always feel a bit more serious, but the Instax has a very different feel.

Yesterday, John and I walked around downtown and visited the South Street Seaport. You wouldn’t even know there’s so much construction happening on the Pier, because all the additions that have been made to the surrounding area are already an improvement from the outdated mall that stood just a few months back.  We grabbed lunch from the delicious food trucks and shopped around at all the popup stores that run along Front Street.

We took a bunch oh photos, and I’m still going through them.  I’ll be posting them to the blog soon!

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