Why we should all be a bit more dog

I’ve mentioned before that I work at an advertising agency, and every so often we are all called in for motivational meetings that help us to break out of our day-to-day routine and remind us of our true objectives. This was a video we were shown recently by our Chief Creative Officer, as we were encouraged to ‘be more dog.’

I think it’s funny that we need to be reminded of these simple principles, when our dogs live and breathe them every single day. I think that sometimes we become used to some of life’s simple luxuries that we begin to take advantage of what we have.

I’m always fascinated when Minnie is able to find extreme excitement in life’s smallest pleasures. From her attacks of excitement when I walk through the door after work each day that practically have her hyperventilating, to her fascination with my fluffy sheep slippers (the second I walk around in them she chases and pounces on my feet like a cat), her animated antics always keep me laughing.

It’s important for me to try and live with more of the excitement that Minnie has for all the little things. Wouldn’t life be so much more exciting if the thought of breakfast was so great it made us drool, running in circles was a fun way to exercise, and loving people unconditionally came easy?

…Just some food for thought 🙂


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