10 signs you think like a New Yorker

10 ways to know if you think like a New Yorker

New Yorkers have an uncanny ability to take a little, and make it a lot. Here are just a few ways that Manhattanites have a relentless ability to always see bigger, even in the smallest things. As you read through this list, do you find that you think like a New Yorker?

1. That 6 inch space left in between several individuals on a packed subway car is not their well-deserved breathing room, but rather a spacious spot to stand with your name on it, laptop bag and all.

2. You’ve separated your 400 square foot studio into 3 separate rooms, and because of it’s ideal layout, you justifiably spend over $2,500 per month to live in it.

3. You also give around $100 extra each month to Manhattan Mini Storage¬†for a small locker to hold the stuff you own that doesn’t fit in your 400 square foot apartment. This really helps you manage the space you have. And it’s okay because Manhattan Mini Storage has hilariously ironic advertising.

4. The ‘3 oz cup of soup and half a small sandwich’ combo deal is a hearty lunch that will fill you up until dinner, and at 10 bucks, it’s also a real steal. Especially because the soup is gluten free and is made with quinoa.

5. Your dog’s jacket costs more than yours does. This is okay because it was made well, and a well fitting, quality dog jacket is hard to find.

6. There is no reason why you wouldn’t stand on line forever to get a taste of chicken and rice from the famous Halal cart on 53rd street. The same rule goes for other magnificent eateries such as Pommes Frittes and Artichoke Pizza. Here you will not just get french fries or a slice of pizza, but rather you will get a taste of heaven – and you rightfully must prove worthy before indulging.

7. If six inches of snow accumulates on the ground in the city, it was officially a record-breaking blizzard. You’ll look out for the ‘optional attendance’ email to come from your office, and then you jet out to enjoy the snowfall and get some artsy snowy NYC photos. You have a short window of time to experience New York as a winter wonderland – after about 15 minutes, the snow has melted and what remains will most likely be brown.

8. There is nothing more important to you than time. One minute can be the difference between catching your train and arriving to your destination early, or having to wait forever for the next one…which is conveniently delayed.

9. A 1-bedroom apartment is pretty much a mansion, and in order to purchase one you’ll need to have saved your paychecks for at least 10 years. If you get one that has a view of anything other than the backside of the building next door, you know you’ve made the big leagues.

10. Any attempt to travel further than a 20 block radius from your apartment constitutes a journey.  It is highly unlikely, and often unappreciated, to request someone travel further than the above stated distance for any social experience. It is common to utilize extensive prioritization methods to decide if any requested journey is truly necessary.

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