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Sweater weather Minnie in Manhattan

Sweater weather Minnie in Manhattan

Sweater weather Minnie in Manhattan

We hope you guys are all hanging in there with this freezing weather, we’ve been dreaming of sunshine to get us through!

Minnie loves wearing sweaters – she pretty much always has one on. They keep her cozy and safe. Minnie prides herself in her wardrobe, and since she’s been getting so much use out of her cold-weather items this year, we had some fun buying her a few new things.

We just discovered this website called BaxterBoo.com which has an amazing selection of adorable pet clothing, accessories, and more.  We practiced an extreme amount of self control while shopping so that we wouldn’t go overboard, and found some really cute pieces.  We ordered a few sweaters and a pair of P.J.s for Minnie, and we love that they shipped our order out the same day we placed it.  We couldn’t wait to show you our new stuff so we included pictures in this post 🙂

We all enjoy snuggling up in a big cozy sweater when it’s freezing out, and so do our pups…. but lying on the beach under the bright warm sun definitely takes the cake in our book, if you care for our opinion.

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