Our January Barkbox

Minnie excited for her BarkBox

Minnie waiting for BarkBox treats
New BarkBox toy

It’s safe to say that the most exciting day of the month for Minnie is the day her BarkBox arrives. Once she catches wind that her box came in the mail, she can’t leave it alone until it’s opened. This month, her box was packed with full size treat packages and fun toys. The moment her box opened, she immediately grabbed the adorable red chevron bear, which we found hilarious because that was the toy that first caught our eye as well. If you’ve been following Minnie in Manhattan for any length of time, you know that red chevron is like a dream come true in our eyes, and totally fits with our apartment decor.

The Louisiana Alligator Jerky treats, made by think! dog natural, were a favorite because they’re perfectly tiny and soft. SInce Minnie is a princess and only eats her treats once we’ve broken them up into small enough pieces for her, these will save us lots of trouble!

The Barksters Sweet Potato and Beef Krisps were also great for Minnie. Light and airy, they’re like the cheese doodle of dog treats! Minnie loved the easy to chew crunch and the addictive yummy flavor. Minnie recommends both of the treats that were in our box this month-and we love that they’re both made with all-natural ingredients and are low in calories/fats.

We do admit that it took us a while to go for the BarkBox subscription, but we are really glad we did. It’s a great way to learn about new products that we wouldn’t typically come across. It also makes Minnie girl really, really happy 🙂

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