Snow Day in the Park

Snowy day in manhattan nyc

a snowy day in manhattan nyc.

snowy day in manhattan nyc.

Snowy day in the park

Minnie in the snow

It’s been so cold and snowy in NYC lately, which makes us just want to sit home with a big cuddly blanket. Last Saturday, we headed out shopping and Minnie got some adorable new shoes to protect her feet from all the salt that had been put on the ground. ¬†Once she got her shoes on, there was no stopping her.

We headed to Viva la Crepe in Greenwich Village and got a crepe filled with chicken, gruyere, pesto, tomato and spinach and sat down in Union Square Park to share our treat (Minnie only ate the chicken). This crepe was so delicious, we were dying to go back and get another one the very next day!

Although the snow piles in the park were larger than Minnie, she had no fear hopping into them and getting buried inside. We headed home when we started to feel chilly and we were glad we got to enjoy some of the snow before it all melted away.

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