Minnie eating dinner from her bed after a long weekend

Hot Chocolate at the Seaport Christmas tree

Minnie laying down after a long weekend

Zzzzzz…. that’s all Minnie wants to do today! Last night when we got back into the city from our Brooklyn weekend, Minnie was so lazy. She ate dinner from her bed and kept nodding off in between.

We were craving something sweet (Minnie not included, she was only craving sleep), so while she napped, we went over to the Christmas Tree at the South Street Seaport and got some hot chocolate. When we got back, we snuggled up together and watched one of our favorite Christmas Movies, Home Alone, while snacking on some tacos that we ordered for delivery from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants 🙂

It’s Monday… back to the real world and work work work! We wish we could stay in weekend mode forever. How was your weekend?

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