Berkli Parc

Minnie sitting inside at Berkli Park NYC

Minnie sitting inside ay Berkli Cafe NYC

BLTA sandwich at Berkli Parc NYC

Chocolate mint truffle tea at Berkli Parc

Minnie at Berkli Parc

Looking out the window, Dog friendly restaurant in NYC

Minnie sitting at a dog friendly restaurant


If there’s one thing we love at Minnie in Manhattan, it’s a great neighborhood cafe that offers free WiFi, tables large enough to work on a laptop, good food and a comfortable welcoming feel. Bonus points if Minnie can sit inside and chill with us, which is not always common. Berkli Parc checks off everything on our list of things we hope for in a cafe, and never ceases to impress us with their great staff and delicious food. We love sharing amazing finds like this with you, so here’s the scoop on Berkli Parc.

This past weekend, we treated ourselves to some delicious sandwiches, coffee and tea while we lounged on our laptops and got some work done, and all the while Minnie relaxed beside us.  This is a real treat, especially in the winter months when it’s too chilly to sit outside. The staff greeted us with smiles and gave Minnie a warm welcome.

The B.L.T.A. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado) sandwich is served with chipotle mayo on multigrain bread, and is presented on a wooden platter that adds to Berkli’s cozy rustic feel.  Sipping a Chocolate Mint Truffle tea on the colorful padded seating that’s lined with comfy throw pillows made it too easy to forget that we were there to get work done, and soon found ourselves gazing out of the oversized window at people passing by.  Minnie liked looking out the window too, and she felt the need to bark at some of the dogs she saw on the other side of the glass. Luckily,  no one seemed to be bothered by her yapping!

Other things to note: The menu is  extensive for a casual cafe, the Bourbon latte and Veggie sandwich are also delicious, breakfast is served all day, and there’s also a great selection of beer and wine! Tip- if you need WiFi, arrive early because they turn off the connection when the cafe gets packed.

Berkli Parc is one of our new favorite go-to spots, and Minnie was a fan too, which makes it that much better.

Berkli Parc, 63 Delancey Street (between Allen & Eldridge streets)


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