Change For NYC: Pet Friendly Transit

Petition to allow non-service dogs on the MTA subway in NYC
Sign this petition to bring change to the current MTA subway policies!

Petition for a pet-friendly NYC Subway system

Dog owners and lovers in NYC: Did you know that the MTA subway system only permits dogs small enough to fit in a carrier to ride the trains? Lucky for us, Minnie girl is small enough so that we are allowed to travel, but where does this rule leave all the larger dogs that call NYC home? Not many of us have cars, which means that the trains are our go-to affordable means of travel to go just about  anywhere in the city. There are so many occasions when dog owners need to travel outside of walking distance with their pooches, whether it is a trip to the vet, the park, or to pay a visit to family and friends. NYC has so many caring businesses that not only cater to people, but our pets as well. Shouldn’t our transit system allow for us to get around!??

The current rule, that your dog must be contained in a carrier in order to ride the subway, is very limiting to pet owners.  Worse, dog owners will be getting slapped with massive fines for breaking the rule. Recently, while traveling with Minnie sans-carrier, we were personally warned by a member of MTA personnel that the city is starting to crack down on this even harder.

To make city life better for ourselves and our dogs, there is a petition that has been set up to collect virtual signatures so that our city’s legislation may be changed. There is hope that this rule can be reconsidered, so let’s get as many signatures as we can to help make NYC an even more pet-friendly city!

Clicking here or in the image of the petition above will bring you to, where you can sign the petition online and help to make a big difference in NYC. 

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  1. A carrier seems cumbersome and would take up a lot of needed space. If the rule was created to prevent dog bites, a muzzle would be just as effective. Dogs act just fine on crowded elevators, so there should be no reason why dogs shouldn’t ride the subway. The city can even create revenue by requiring a doggie subway license which can be displayed on a collar (like a dog tag).

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