Pigeon Patrol

Pigeon PatrolIt’s been getting chilly in Manhattan so Minnie picked up a new hoodie at the Salty Paw.

‘Pigeon Patrol’ fits Minnie perfectly, since one of her favorite pastimes is running after those flying city critters.

The tag says Yarn Dog, but that’s all the info we can find about the brand on the internet. Once we’re able to find pictures of the other designs that are available we will post them for you, because we saw some really cool ones in the store.  This hoodie is so comfortable and soft, and the inside of the hood has an adorable light blue plaid pattern. Minnie hasn’t  let us take it off of her since she got it, which is saying a lot because she usually enjoys parading around in the nude.

It’s really feeling like Autumn now, which means chilly weather and more clothes for Minnie!

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