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Flatiron has a new store that’s keeping its canines very well dressed. It’s called Hannari & MG, and its full of frivolous items that we can’t resist. Unlike many pet boutiques that stock their shelves with necessary items, foods, and treats with the addition of some fashionable accessories just for fun, Hannari & MG seems to exist solely for our pooches human counterparts. They don’t do grooming, and you wouldn’t get your dog food here. But when you need a little (or a big) fashion pick-me-up, this is the place to be.

From sweaters, to jackets, to bow ties and more, Hannari is just oozing with color and vibrancy  All of their stuff is actually imported from Japan, so the prices are better than what we are used to in NYC.  We didn’t recognize brands of grooming supplies, shampoos, or leashes so we focused on the clothing.

One of the things we liked the best about this store is that they carry a Disney line for pets, which means that they have doggy shirts, P.J.s and dresses in just about every character you can imagine…which needless to say had us in Minnie heaven!

The lady working the store was very nice, not pushy, and helped us try on anything we wanted. Minnie snagged a bunch of accessories that will have her looking sharp for a while, although she will most likely will never want to wear them. 

One more thing – this place is loaded with Halloween costumes! There were so many that we loved.  We saw a Woody (Toy Story) costume that was so cute, we’re just dying to see it on a pooch this Halloween.

Hannari & MG, 20 East 20th Street

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