Mad Dog & Beans

Mad Dog & Beans

Historic Stone Street is one of the greatest areas in the city to enjoy an outdoor meal and a few drinks. The old cobblestone style street is completely closed off to traffic and is filled with outdoor seating for all of the restaurants on the strip.

One of our favorites of these restaurants is Mad Dog & Beans (call it Mad Dogs). Not only do they serve mean margaritas and fresh guacamole, the entire outdoor area is very dog friendly.  Minnie loves to sit up on the bench seating next to us while we are eating, and hope she looks cute enough to earn some table scraps. The staff members have a soft spot for pooches and there are no designated seating areas where dogs are confined to (some other restaurants only let you sit along the outer edge to not inconvenience other customers).

Whether its dinner and drinks after work or a weekend lunch, we are always craving Mad Dogs, and so is Minnie.

Mad Dog & Beans, 83 Pearl Street

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