Meet the Breeds

AKC Meet the Breeds

The Javits Center
The Javits Center was packed with every breed of dog imaginable, and those who love them.
One of the many fancy dog breeds at the show.
One of the many fancy dog breeds at the show.
The Shabby Dog
Just some of the beautiful sparkly pet accessories at The Shabby Dog.
Snuggle Puppies
Snuggle puppies help pet anxiety because they have a warm beating heart inside!
Agility Course in action
The Agility show was put on by the Port Chester Obedience Training Club.

On Sunday, we attended ‘Meet the Breeds,’ a show at the Javits Center in Manhattan. This is an annual show that was sponsored by The American Kennel Club & The International Cat Association. In a nutshell, the show gathers dogs and cats from virtually every single breed in existence, and gives them the opportunity to show roughly 22,000 attendees what they’re made of. The most interesting aspect of the event was the presentation of the breeds- each breed had their own exhibit, which transported viewers into another time period, and often another country, to experience the heritage of their favorite breeds for themselves! (More on the exhibits and what we learned about our favorite breeds will follow in an upcoming blog post.)

Also present at the event were over 100 vendors showcasing a wide variety of pet products, from treats and food items to health and beauty essentials – and of course, we had a ball with all the accessories!  Two of our favorite accessory brands that really take pride in New York canine style are The Shabby Dog and RUFF-doggy, where we ended up taking home a few embellished items to get us ready for Fall.  The Shabby Dog was the epitome of glitz and glamour, with jewel-encrusted collars, leads and clothing. Ruff-Doggie specialized in their genuine leather goods, where we snagged ourselves a gold step-in harness and a matching lead with Swarovski crystal accents.  The following links will take you to the websites for The Shabby Dog and RUFF-puppy.

On the pet toy front, SnugglePuppies really stood out. Available in both dog and cat versions, we learned that these stuffed animals can do wonders for pet anxiety with their soothing beating hearts and simulated natural warmth. Check them out here!

To add to the excitement, there were several dog shows that had us in awe. One of our favorites was the Agility course, put on by the Port Chester Obedience Training Club, which had dogs of all sizes jumping through hoops and dodging all types of obstacles. To all who participated in the shows, and the trainers involved, all we can say is wow, great job!

If you missed the AKC Meet the Breeds show this time around, you can always check it out next year! We know we will 🙂 You can read more about the event here.

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